Jeff Bostic


Jeff B. Rise with paper edge copy


Jeff Bostic “Rise,” serigraph limited edition (edition of 25), ink on paper, 18 x 24, 2020. Printed in collaboration with local master fine art printer, Marcus Lin, of Fall Out Shelter. Note: serigraphs are original art. Unlike reproduction prints, which are merely a color picture of an existing artwork, serigraphs require the involvement of two artists: the original artist and the printer.

Born n Falls Church, VA. Bostic received a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000. His work as been exhibited from coast to coast. He as been the recipient of the Peach Tree, and Bernard Osher Awards for the excellence in the Arts. Since living in the Bay Area, Jeff has dedicated his life to youth development work as well as a hard working Bay Area artist, curator, DJ, and organizer. He served as an art editor for the arts and literature magazine Lurker and well as lead curator of events at Moholy Ground Photography Journal.

Bostic recently curated a Covid 19 art show at the Midway SF that benefits artists effected by the Pandemic. For more information check out

Writing about “Rise,” Bostic says:

My work entitled “Rise”  18 x 24 is an action art piece that is made with sumi ink on paper. It’s made by quick action, gestural strokes and random drips. I manipulate the wet ink around by brush strokes and moving the paper by hand, to have a chance effect. It’s an action art piece, combining some ideas of Calligraphy, and Logograph with Automatic Drawing. It is implied that one should begin by drawing randomly across the paper, without any rational thinking, to express the inner workings of the subconscious. It requires an approach of openness to chance and respect for randomness.

Next, I eventually decide what to make with this initial outline, to bring the work to a finish, to form it’s identity through the marriage of improvisation and structured composition building. There is an organic quality to the flow of the process, which manifests itself in a series of related fragments, abstract thoughts, and memories combined with visual rhyming and a focus on form. A finished piece in this style of work takes a dozen or more attempts using this process. The process includes a lot of ‘failed’ work to get to the final piece. As a product, there is a drawing, produced by the subconscious with the controlled artistic arrangement of composition to build the work, to me, achieves universal oneness.

I feel the title “Rise” is what we all must do when we fall, fail, or are fearful. It shows the balance of control and chaos to create an original piece that fits the times we live in. It reminds me of my own journey — as an artist, activist, and nonprofit youth development worker of over 20 years in the Bay Area — fighting for what is right and taking a stand. We rise to realize that we are not going to win all the battles, but that what we value helps us rise, to pick up the pieces and start again.

So as we rise from this pandemic, we must be strong and grounded in our survival convictions and take action — use what we can from the chaos while being open to both instincts and chance. Rise visually embodies the acts of falling, rising and a grounding one as singular symbol of wholeness, the fight of the human spirit. I see this as a universal symbol or flag, exemplifying we’re ready to do what we can to fight for what’s right! Take a stand! We unite to rise together, we fight for diversity, helping one another through this current crisis and social upheaval.

Price: $200

Send inquiries to Matt Gonzalez at Payment will be direct to the artist. Buyer pays shipping from San Francisco, if necessary.

Additional photo:

Jeff B. Rise with paper edge copy

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