Jane Manning


Jane Manning (1966- ) “Heartbeat,” acrylic on wood, 10 x 10 inches,  2019. The painting is signed in the lower right.

Jane Manning was born in Santa Monica, CA. She earned a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in Painting and Art History in 1999.  In addition to living in Tahoe and Santa Cruz, Manning currently resides on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco.

Manning draws influence from nature and by her surroundings including issues related to life and death. Speaking of her current work, Manning says: “This new series of work addresses my interest in transitions between life stages. Reflecting on moving through some of these transitions myself in raising children, experiencing the death of my father, and finding a life partner who spurred a renewal in creativity in me, these works are a way for me to process and to dream.”

Although some viewers may find bones as a subject to be morbid, Manning says “bones are truly only made possible by life. This is symbolized by plants living and growing through the dead skeletons of other lives, under-water bone botanicals. Together they represent the mystery of life and a great paradox — the dead record of life, and the living growth, each impossible without the other.”

Manning believes that wood is the “bone” of plant life and  thus the most suitable surface for these works.

Price: $350

Send inquiries to Matt Gonzalez at mtt.gonzalez33@gmail.com. Payment will be direct to the artist. Buyer pays shipping from San Francisco, if necessary.

Additional photos:

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